Trust The Tris Mock Draft 1.0 (with guest mock) PT2/3

  • #11 pick: Denver Broncos

Team Needs:  DL

Tris’ Pick: Dan Williams, DT Tennessee

Comment: DTs are huge in this draft, which is good for Denver because they need a big 3-4 tackle in there.  They could also draft Rolando McClain to give Denver another 3-4 Linebacker.

Breck’s Pick: Dez Bryant, WR Oklahoma State

Comment: Brandon Marshall may be traded, but even if he isn’t the Broncos need offensive weapons and explosiveness. Bryant can provide big play making ability as well as help stretch the field. If there is a knock on this pick, it’s that Bryant is a “diva” in the Terrell Owens-Brandon Marshall mold. A defensive lineman may also strike Denver’s fancy as they look to build their 3-4 defense. Possible – Dan Williams, Rolando McClain

  • #12 pick: Miami Dolphins

Team Needs: DL,DB,WR

Tris’ Pick: Taylor Mays, S, USC

Comment: Hard to pass him up, as hard as he’s worked after college and at the combine to elevate his play. I think this might be a small reach, but it could also be a huge payoff. Since S Gibril Wilson is dumped, the Safety position is in flux and this makes the most sense for the Dolphins this year. Other possibilities include Golden Tate, WR.

Breck’s Pick: Dan Williams, DT Tennessee

Comment: This pick was a slam dunk a few weeks ago with Rolando McClain being the selection. Miami went another direction and signed ILB Karlos Dansby to pair with Channing Crowder. This frees the Dolphins to pick the best 3-4 NT in the draft in Dan Williams. He is perfect for the 3-4 and many teams would love to draft him. Incumbent NT Jason Ferguson is old and could mentor Williams to help dominate Parcell’s system.

  • #13 pick: San Fransisco 49ers

Team Needs: DB, OL

Tris’ Pick: Trent Williams, OT Oklahoma

Comment: Give Alex Smith an extra 0.5 seconds to throw, and the 49ers are going to win the division. Simple as that.

Breck’s Pick: Trent Williams, OT Oklahoma

Comment: The 49ers need offensive line help, and luckily at this point they find a guy who can easily step in at RT, moving Joe Staley to LT, helping to solidify a line constantly in flux. Williams will bring a consistent effort day in day out. A play maker in the defensive backfield or on offense could also fit here, but the O-line is the main concern.

  • #14 pick: Seattle Seahawks

Team Needs: RB,QB

Tris’ Pick: Jimmy Clausen, QB Notre Dame

Comment: If they trade out the #6 pick, look for the hawks to pluck their QB of the future right here to pair with Marshall down the road. They could also draft CJ Spiller here for some offensive explosion.

Breck’s Pick: Brian Bulaga, OT Iowa

Comment: After passing on OT with their first selection, the Seahawks get their replacement for LT Walter Jones. Big and physical with a solid mean streak, Bulaga should fit well with the zone-blocking scheme in place in Seattle. Pete Carroll starts his Seattle career off with 2 solid picks.

  • #15 pick: New York Giants

Team Needs: LB

Tris’ Pick: Rolando McClain, ILB Alabama

Comment:  Yes, the Giants dropped Antonio Pierce and Giants Nation was sad. But McClain is a beast. It won’t take long for fans to forget Pierce and this defense gets some much-needed youth.

Breck’s Pick:Rolando McClain, ILB Alabama

Comment: Releasing MLB Antonio Pierce left a gaping hole in the middle of their defense. The Dolphins beat them to Dansby, so why not go with the best inside linebacker in the draft.

  • #16 pick: Tennessee Titans

Team Needs: DL,DB

Tris’ Pick: Derrick Morgan, DE Georgia Tech

Comment: There’s a big hole here in Nashville now that Vanden-Bosch is gone. Derrick Morgan will help make that transition a lot better. Other possible selections include Carlos Dunlap and Jared Odrick.

Breck’s Pick: Derrick Morgan, DE Georgia Tech

Comment: The Titans are great at finding defensive line talent and Morgan is no exception. Jeff Fisher is going to love Morgan’s high motor and physical gifts. Makes losing Kyle Vanden Bosch much easier.

  • #17 Pick: San Fransisco 49ers

Team Needs: DB,OL

Tris’ Pick: CJ Spiller, RB Clemson

Comment: What a steal here if Spiller doesn’t get scooped up before this pick. He can provide a great change-of-pace for the grinder Frank Gore. CB Kyle Wilson could also land here, and that would be a solid value pick as well.

Breck’s Pick: C.J. Spiller, RB Clemson

Comment: A safety like Taylor Mays or Earl Thomas might be better, but having an explosive RB to compliment Frank Gore may be just as important. Don’t forget the 49ers have always had a dreadful return game and Spiller is electric in that area.

  • #18 pick: Pittsburgh Steelers

Team Needs: CB, OL

Tris’ Pick: Mike Iupati, G/T Idaho

Comment: OL problems for the Steelers all year led to Big Ben on his back half of the time. The other half of the time Ben was out partying.

Breck’s Pick: Taylor Mays, S Southern California

Comment: Show me a team more dependant on one defensive player than the Steelers are with Troy Polamalu. They need another play maker in the secondary to alleviate the pressure on Polamalu. With Ryan Clark most likely leaving, Mays is a perfect fit of size and speed.

disclaimer: same as before, this was before steelers signed 2 safeties

  • #19 pick: Atlanta Flacons

Team Needs: DE,OLB

Tris’ Pick: Carlos Dunlap, DE Florida

Comment: With the signing of CB Dunta Robinson, look for the Flacons to help out their pass rush. This will become a young defense with nowhere to go but up.

Breck’s Pick: Brandon Graham, DE Michigan

Comment: The Falcons had 2 major needs going into the draft, DE and CB. They were able to sign CB Dunta Robinson through FA, so finding an edge rusher becomes the prime concern. Graham was incredibly productive at Michigan and will learn from DE John Abraham as he gets older.

  • #20 pick: Houston Texans

Team Needs: DB

Tris’ Pick: Earl Thomas, S Texas

Comment: Bye, bye Dunta Robinson, hello Earl Thomas. Texas sure knows how to take care of their own, don’t they? Thomas fits right into what the Texans need- a playmaker.

Breck’s Pick: Earl Thomas, S Texas

Comment: Lineman are more likely of a pick here, but I cannot dismiss the Texans need for a ball hawking play maker in the secondary. Thomas showed a nose for the ball at Texas and is an immediate upgrade in Houston.

  • #21 pick: Cincinnati Bengals

Team Needs: WR,DL

Tris’ Pick: Golden Tate, WR Notre Dame

Comment: Scary potential here to give the Bengals a young, hot receiver who does it all. Could be this year’s Percy Harvin.

Breck’s Pick: Carlos Dunlap, DE Florida

Comment: There are so many directions the Bengals could go with this pick, but after only registering 17 sacks last season, they need more of a pass rush. Dunlap is talented, but he has character flags, but since when has that ever stopped the Bengals.


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