Trust The Tris Mock Draft 1.0 (with guest mock) PT1/3

In my last blog, I predicted that a lot of teams will be trimming their rosters of high-salary players in this uncapped year. I was right. So far, big salary guys such as QB Jake Delhomme, CB Lito Sheppard, DT Jamal Williams, DE Charles Grant, and the Redskins’ B-team have been cut. Who knows where and when any other big names will get the axe coming up, but my bet is this phenomenon will continue well into Free Agency.

I like what the Bears have been doing so far  in Free Agency. They have no 1st or 2nd round picks, so they needed to open up the wallet. So far, they have signed DE Julius Peppers to a 6-year deal, RB Chester Taylor (there goes my LT prediction), and TE Brandon Manumaleuna. More to come, I’m sure. The next few weeks in Free Agency will certainly re-shape the Draft projections, so this will definitely be interesting to watch.

On Thursday, April 22 at 7:30pm, I will be sitting in front of a tv somewhere, beer(s) in hand and wings in belly, to witness possibly the most exciting spectacle of the NFL offseason. No, I’m not talking about the Brett Favre retirement press conference. I’m talking about the NFL Draft baby!! It’s as intense as a playoff game. It’s where teams can create a dynasty or destroy themselves. It’s a war zone. I love the NFL Draft.

Now that the NFL Combine has come and gone, I think it’s an appropriate time to post a mock draft. There were a lot of guys who helped their draft stock at the combine. USC Safety Taylor Mays solidified himself as a workhorse speedy 1st round pick. CJ Spiller looks like the next Chris Johnson, and Golden Tate became a top-2 wideout pick. I am so excited about the Draft that I even enjoyed watching the combine itself. I’ve asked Breck to do a side-by-side mock draft with me (complete with commentary). I’d like to think that we’re kind of like Kiper and McShay. I’m Kiper though.

After Free Agency cools down and after all of the Pro Days leading up to the Draft, I’ll do another mock and have a clearer picture of everything. But for now, I give you the TrustTheTris Mock 1.0:

  • #1 pick: St. Louis Rams

Team Needs:  Everything

Tris’ Pick: Sam Bradford, QB Oklahoma

Comment: Get the franchise guy now, build around him later (an exception to my usual rule here).  Suh and McCoy would also provide a huge stop-gap in the Rams porous run-D, and they could look for a QB with the first pick in the 2nd round. They also have 18 hours or so to wheel and deal that 2nd pick (hello, Donovan McNabb!!)

Breck’s Pick: Sam Bradford, QB Oklahoma

Comment: Here is the #1 rule of the NFL Draft, If you do not have a franchise quarterback and one is available, you take it, period….The sexier picks are the 2 top defensive tackles in Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy, but winning
starts with the quarterback position. Questions about Bradford’s
shoulder will follow him around until he proves he is healthy.
Possible – Ndamukong Suh, Gerald McCoy

  • #2 pick: Detroit Lions

Team Needs: OL, DL, DB

Tris’ Pick: Ndamukong Suh, DT Nebraska

Comment: High-character player who will be a wrecking ball in the NFL. Jim Shwartz loves his defense- look at him pulling a Rex Ryan and getting KVB at midnight friday.. Put big boy Suh on the line, and the Lions are gonna move out of the top 10 in the 2011 Draft

Breck’s Pick: Gerald McCoy, DT Oklahoma

Comment: The Lions made an early splash in free agency signing DE Kyle VandenBosch and trading for DT Corey Williams. The 2 primary needs of this team are D-line and Offensive tackle. OT Russell Okung would be a solid fit here, allowing current OT Jeff Backus to slide to OG. However, coach Jim Schwartz is a defensive guy and the Lions were one of the worst defensive teams last season. Possible – Ndamukong Suh, Russell Okung

  • #3 pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Needs: Everything except QB

Tris’ Pick: Gerald McCoy, DT Oklahoma

Comment: Flip of coin here with McCoy and Suh, either way Bucs will take best available between two

Breck’s Pick: Ndamukong Suh, DT Nebraska

Comment: The Bucs are dancing in the streets as they get their first dominate DL since Warren Sapp. Suh is a big, strong physical DT with a nose for the ball. Their needs are DL and DB so S Eric Berry may also be a fit, but you don’t pass up a chance at a run-stuffing DT. Possible –  Eric Berry

  • #4 pick: Washington Redskins

Needs: OL, RB, WR

Tris’ Pick: Russel Okung, OT

Comment: I don’t think that Shannahan is going to pick a QB here when he can have the best OT in the draft and they recently re-signed J. Campbell to a 3-year extension. It will also be hard to pass up on Eric Berry.

Breck’s Pick: Jimmy Clausen, QB Notre Dame

Comment: Mike Shannahan is an offensive minded guy, and I believe he doesn’t see Jason Campbell as his future QB. Clausen probably has the best intangibles of any QB in this draft. He is tall, strong armed and accurate. His last season at Notre Dame Clausen carried his team since he didn’t have a running game or a solid defense. OT Russell Okung should also be considered for this spot since the Redskins offensive line lost LT Chris Samuels, but like I said Shannahan is an offensive coach. Possible – Russell Okung, Eric Berry

  • #5 pick: Kansas City Chiefs

Team Needs: OL, DB, TE

Tris’ Pick: Brian Bulaga, OT Iowa

Comment: GM Paoli knows he needs to build his trenches to help out Cassel. OT is just what the Chiefs need in the 1st round.

Breck’s Pick: Russell Okung, OT Oklahoma State

Comment:Prototypical LT, strong, quick feet, intelligent. Okung will bring a mean streak to the Chiefs that’s been missing since LT Willie Roaf retired. Essentially the Chiefs knock out 2 holes on the offensive line with this pick as Okung’s pick allows OT Branden Albert to move back to OG where he excelled at Virginia. The only other conceivable pick for them at this point is S Eric Berry or OT Anthony Davis if Okung is already taken. Possible – Eric Berry

  • #6 pick: Seatlle Seahawks

Team Needs: RB,QB

Tris’ Pick: TRADE with DEN for Brandon Marshall. DEN selects Dez Bryant, WR Oklahoma State

Comment: I believe that Seattle is going to make an offer to Brandon Marshall, and in doing so, Denver will more than likely let him go, especially if they can go get Dez Bryant, a Marshall-type receiver without the bad blood that has brooded in Denver. If Seattle retains this pick, I believe they will draft CJ Spiller, RB Clemson.

Breck’s Pick:Eric Berry, S Tennessee

Comment: This pick could possibly be moved to Denver in a Brandon Marshall trade, but assuming the Seahawks keep it they will need a replacement for longtime stud LT Walter Jones. However, with OT being fairly deep, they could get one with thier next pick at #14. A game changing safety is hard to find. That is what Berry is, the next Ed Reed. Possible – Brian Bulaga, Anthony Davis

  • #7 pick: Cleveland Browns

Team Needs: DB,WR

Tris’ Pick: Eric Berry, S Tennessee

Comment: Holmgren & Co will be licking their chops if Berry falls this far. An NFL-ready Safety, Berry brings a physicality and gameplay style similar to Ed Reed. And to be competitive in the AFC North, you need to bring your D.

Breck’s Pick: Joe Haden, CB Florida

Comment: Cleveland is still looking for a QB, but Bradford and Clausen will both be gone by this pick. The Browns secondary gives up too many big plays, so a solid DB should fit their needs. Too much is being said about Haden’s poor 40-dash time, but most experts agree tape does not lie and Haden showed a ton of talent and play making ability at Florida. Possible – Dez Bryant

  • #8 pick: Oakland Raiders

Team Needs: OL,WR,QB

Tris’ Pick: Anthony Davis, OT Rutgers

Comment: For the love of god, Al Davis, please read this and do not take Dez Bryant if he’s still there! The Raiders are a team who’s philosophy is stretching the field with speed. Well, you need to give the QB some more time to throw if you want to stretch the field. Unless that QB is Jamarcus Russell and then it doesn’t matter what you do. The Raiders are the worst run organization in professional sports. Move to LA already!

Breck’s Pick: Bruce Campbell, OT Maryland

Comment: Al Davis does it again. The biggest freak athlete at the combine, Campbell is a physical specimen and that’s all Davis seems to care about. On the bright side it fits Oakland’s need for an OT, but there are far more polished and ready OT still available like Anthony Davis and Brian Bulaga. The Raiders value speed and athleticism, so another “work-out warrior” in DE Jason Pierre-Paul may also appeal to them. Possible – Jason Pierre-Paul, Anthony Davis

  • #9 pick: Buffalo Bills

Team Needs: Everything

Tris’ Pick: Jason Pierre-Paul, DE South Florida

Comment: Solid, athletic, all-around DE should help Bills poor run-D. They could also go with OT Trent Williams. The Bills have a lot of holes to fill, and they will probably be drafting from the front of the pack for a few more years. They can go a lot of different ways with this pick, and trading back for more picks might also be a good strategy here.

Breck’s Pick: Anthony Davis, OT Rutgers

Comment:Let’s face it, the Bills offensive line was decimated by injury and could never gel long enough to keep the pressure off whoever the teams quarterback was. The O-line is a major concern and Davis can easily step in and play either tackle position. It helps that he is a local guy from New Jersey. I wouldn’t overlook a defensive player with this pick because of Buffalo’s switch to the 3-4 defense, but in order to win, you must protect your quarterback. Possible – Brian Bulaga, Dan Williams

  • #10 Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars

Team Needs: DB,WR,OL

Tris’ Pick: Joe Haden, CB Florida

Comment: The Florida boy should come in and excite the fans. He can also start his rookie season and make an immediate impact on defense. With the signing of Aaron Kampman at DE, the Jags can focus on beefing up their D-backs even more. Let’s not forget who they have to play twice a year.. Pass Defense is a must to be competitive in the AFC South.

Breck’s Pick: Jason Pierre-Paul, DE South Florida

disclaimer: Breck sent me this before Kampman was signed

Comment: The Jaguars need a lot of help. They rank near the bottom of the league in sacks the last few seasons so a pass rusher is of prime concern. Pierre-Paul is a freak athlete, but is incredibly raw and his production at South Florida was inconsistent. Even so, the Jags need someone who is fast of the line and can get to the quarterback. Possible – Derrick Morgan


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