The McDilemma- What Should The Eagles Do With Donovan?

So I’ve been asked to write about my thoughts on the Eagles shopping McNabb. What do I think? What could some potential landing spots be? Who will be the Eagles’ starting QB next year? Let’s dive in:

So, do I think that the Eagles should trade McNabb for a draft pick? In a word, yes. Here’s why:

First,  McNabb has one year left on his contract before he becomes unrestricted in 2011, an already shaky year for players. So does Kevin Kolb, heir apparent. The Eagles are not going to renew both contracts. So, who do they sign long-term? The long-toothed veteran who hasn’t won a championship with the birds, or the ready-in-wait backup who has shown flashes that he’s more than capable? I’m injecting some youth into this spot now if I’m the GM- even if it means sacrificing the face of the franchise.

Second, if I’m Andy Reid, I’m kicking myself right now for opening my big walrus mouth about being open to entertain trade offers for McRibb. What happens if they don’t trade him before training camp breaks? God, that’s gonna be a media swarm nightmare. I can just see a disgruntled Donovan in the locker room and around the organization, and an angry Kevin Kolb waiting in the wings (another year) to get the chance to play. I haven’t even mentioned Michael Vick yet. You have to trade McNabb now, and pick a QB to lead the team, NOW.

That being said, there are still questions. Can Kevin Kolb really produce those McNabb-esque numbers that we saw for a couple of weeks, for an entire season? Don’t forget about 2008 when McNabb got benched in the 2nd half of a game vs the Ravens, when Kolb came in and got absolutely rocked. Granted, he got caught off-guard and wasn’t expecting to play. But shouldn’t any quarterback, backup or not, prepare as if he was the starter no matter what?

Now that the Eagles think they have all of the pieces in place to make another run, do you dump your franchise QB off? The one guy who knows the offense better than any player on the field? side note: anyone that watched the pro bowl witnessed desean jackson looking mighty confused with the play calling while the NFC was on the field- on more than one occasion he had to ask what route to run, and where to line up. That scares me a little bit about him being the real deal or not. But that just hammers home my point about McNabb being the go-to guy on offense.

The next question is: how do the Eagles want to draft this year? Do they want more picks or not? I believe that the answer is yes. They want as many picks as possible. They’ve got a couple holes to fill, (Guard, Linebacker) and need those extra picks. The Eagles say that they won’t budge on a trade unless it’s in the top 42 picks.  I like the word picks. A top-42 pick is going to land McNabb’s value to the Eagles in the late 1st-early 2nd round area, and I’m leaning towards the latter. After the thursday night 1st round, there will be an entire day of wheeling and dealing picks to jockey for the 2nd round the following night. So, one of those teams with a top-10 pick in the 2nd round is a possibility. Let’s take a look at some potential trades:

pick 33: Rams. This is a possible landing spot, if the Rams do not draft Bradford in the 1st round. I would like to see the Rams rebuild through the draft, however, and I don’t see this trade happening.

pick 39: Raiders. This could make sense here. Not an ideal situation for McNabb, but the Raiders are definitely in flux with the QB position, and as much as I hate to say it, McNabb could be the missing piece in Oakland. The Eagles would be really happy with a low 2nd-round pick also.

pick 41: Bills. I think that the Bills have more holes than swiss cheese in their lineup. The only solid position is RB, with Jackson and Lynch back there. But QB is a huge need, and Chan Gailey is  QB guy.

Of these three, the Raiders seems like the most logical choice of a landing spot. However, I don’t believe that McNabb would want to sign a long-term contract there, which could potentially be a stopping point.

If none of these trades works out, then the Eagles may have to look beyond the top 42. If some team offered a late 2nd pick and maybe a couple other picks, that could sweeten the deal for sure. A couple of teams that come to mind are the Cardinals, 49ers and Vikings. Of these three, the Cardinals make the most sense. Because McNabb to Fitz is much sexier than Derek Anderson to Fitz.

Ultimately, I think McNabb has to go now. It’s too bad that the Eagles had to open their mouths about it, because I think it was the wrong choice. I think Kolb and Vick need to be traded out of Philly, and then you draft your QB in the 2nd round this year. Whatever happens, I’m worried about the Eagles’ continuity in the locker room this year. If McNabb can be put out there on the block, then anyone can be. You don’t want to be in a locker room with that kind of fear, it does nothing but bad things for morale. Too bad it seems inevitable that a Donovan-less Philly is in the near future. Eagles fans hated him anyway.


5 Responses to “The McDilemma- What Should The Eagles Do With Donovan?”

  1. 1 John
    March 26, 2010 at 9:28 pm

    Not sure I agree that Vick needs to go. He could be a nice stopgap between a potential 2nd round QB choice and McNabb, plus he still gives the team more options with different fronts. Granted, the Wildcat wasn’t that successful for the Eagles, but they could be more creative with time.

    It was absolutely a mistake to announce they’re shopping McNabb. Trades are never guaranteed and the media/PR frenzy will have a great toll on an emotional player like McNabb. Anyway, this is what I’d do: Trade Kolb, keep Vick, draft the QB of the future in the second round (which is only slightly different than your scenario).

    Regardless, the Eagles ceiling is losing the Super Bowl to the Ravens or Pats next year.

  2. March 26, 2010 at 10:05 pm

    Reid thought he’d be smart and “shop” Donovan by telling the league that he was absolutely off-limits, hoping that the offers would sweeten from teams in need. Those offers didn’t come. If he would’ve come right out and say that he was available, they could’ve gotten a deal done with Seattle, Arizona, anywhere that now has a lesser QB for their trouble, and Reid really did let the cat out of the bag on this one. I’d really like to see if Kolb lives up to the hype — I can’t forgive the Eagles management for giving Anthony Spencer to the Cowboys unless he DOES live up to the hype — and as much as I’d love for McNabb to finish his career as an Eagle and retire, I just don’t know if it’ll happen.

    I’m not going to badmouth McNabb like every other Philadelphian. It’s absolutely absurd to look back on what he and Reid have accomplished this decade and snub your nose at it. Part coach, part McNabb, part Westbrook, Dawkins, and a shitload of God-awful receivers gave us a slew of playoff berths, division titles, NFC Championship games, and a Super Bowl berth. Did we win the big one? Like you have to ask. But to say McNabb’s time here was worthless or didn’t mean anything is just wrong. Look at where we were 12 years ago and tell me there was any hope in this franchise. This current regime really re-inspired Philly football.

    It’s such a tough call though. Do you have McNabb stay, lead the team for another year, and help the young guys grow while Kolb gets even more ready on the sideline (much like Rodgers), or do you trade McNabb, give this awfully young team NO LEADER (seriously, name one.) and hope that something happens. I really don’t know what to do here. He won’t go to the Bills or Raiders because of the extension, so.. I’m at a loss.

    • 3 Ryan Neary
      March 30, 2010 at 12:58 pm

      Bring back Ray Rhodes!

      Draft Hulk Hogan and Nancy Kerrigan!

      Trade Kolb for a draught beer, not a draft pick!

      Generic football closing statement.

  3. 4 Kohn
    April 1, 2010 at 1:13 am

    I think this will be a case of not realizing what you have until its gone. As a Giants fan, I could care less where McNabb is, as long as its not Philly. He has been a pain in our sides for years, even now that he has become more of a pocket passer than the mobile weapon he was in the past, but I digress. I feel McNabb gives the Eagles a chance to win year in and year out, in a city that HATES losers. I mean this is the city whose fans throw batteries at players who didn’t sign with them and has booed Santa Clause, a losing team will just fuel them. Kevin Kolb has sat behind a QB who has a different skill set as well as has not been teaching the QB of the future, but has been THE MAN for the past 10 years. While it may seem like the best idea to get something for him in a walk year this year. . .I think another winning season with a motivated QB in a contract year is just as beneficial as the 39th pick; especially with the possibility to no football in 2011. I can’t believe I am saying this, but for the Eagles to be the most successful, they should keep McNabb.

    just my 2 cents. . .


  4. 5 SamBam
    April 19, 2010 at 10:38 am

    Gotta agree with Jason here, though knowing what we know now, theories don’t matter as much. The Redskins?!?! get ready for 2 losses in-division Eagles. Don isn’t going to let you live it down.
    I don’t know what you’re thinking Eagles fans, Lets drop a QB who has gotten us to the playoffs….. hmm, how many times? at least the last 3 years I can remember. Though, admittedly, Mr. Donovan McGlass hasn’t been the field commander in a large portion of these regular season victory laps, and the Eagles rode the shoulders of fantasy all-star Brian Westbrook.
    I think the Eagles are going to sore this year, sore all over their fan’s faces.

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